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The Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary ANV owns income producing commercial real estate leased until 2026. The real estate consists solely of the land with no buildings or improvements ("Land"). All improvements on the Land are those of the tenant.


Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. (formerly Aquanautic Corporation) (the "Company") was a specialty materials company in the development stage (as defined by the Financial Accounting Standards Board ("FASB") in Statement of Financial Accounting Standards ("SFAS") no. 7, "Accounting and Reporting by Development Stage Enterprises"). The Company's core technology consisted of a variety of materials, which have a high affinity for oxygen. Through 1993 the Company also conducted research through funding from various government agencies such as the office of Naval Research and from Small Business Innovative Research ("SBIR") grants, as well as through its own internally generated funds.

The Company has agreed to indemnify Grace for any out of pocket costs incurred because of the claims, litigation, arbitration, or other proceedings (a) relating to the validity or ownership of the Patent Rights, (b) relating to any infringement by the Patent Rights of any other patent or trademark owned by a third party, c) relating to any breach by the Company of its representations, warranties, covenants in the Purchase Agreement, or (d) arising from any state of affairs existing at closing which was not this indemnity. The indemnity is for all such costs up to $75,000 and for 50% of such costs over $75,000. Amounts due Grace under the indemnity would be paid by withholding royalties from the Company.

The Company ceased its previous operations described above during 1995 and had dormant operations until March 1998. During 1997, the Company entered into the following agreements in preparation of starting a new line of business:

Stock Acquisition Agreement:

Pursuant to a Stock Acquisition dated as of December 18, 1997, the Company issued 23,750,000 shares of its common stock, par value $0.01 per share, to several investors for $60,000 in cash, plus consulting services with a fair value of $177,500. In December, 2000 an affiliated creditor received $125,000 to reduce the Company's debt from an unrelated buyer of 3,000,000 shares of common stock which the Company issued during the year

On March 9, 1998, pursuant to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Specified Business Assets ("Purchase Agreement"), a Promissory Note, and a Security Agreement, the Company purchased certain tangible and intangible assets (the "Assets"), including goodwill and rights under certain contracts from Integrated Marketing Agency, Inc. ("IMA"). The assets purchased from IMA consisted primarily of furniture, fixtures, equipment, computers, servers, software, and databases previously used by IMA in its full-service telemarketing business. The purchase price consisted of (a) a cash down payment of $10,000, (b) a note payable of $550,000, and c) 1,670,000 shares of the Company's Series 3 convertible preferred stock. As described in Note 10, the preferred shares automatically convert into the Company's common shares on March 2, 2000 in a manner that depends on the value of the common stock during the ten trading days immediately prior to March 1, 2000. However, as part of the Purchase Agreement, IMA has the option to redeem the converted shares for the aggregate sum of $500,000 by delivering written notice to redeem the converted shares within ten business days after the conversion date. At the time of the purchase, the fair value of the preferred shares was not clearly evident, even though it appeared to be less than $500,000. Therefore, the purchase price had a fair value of at least $1,060,000. The assets purchased were recorded based upon their fair values.

Pursuant to a Purchase Agreement dated January 28, 1999, the Company purchased the 1,670,000 shares of the Series 3 convertible preferred stock and the promissory note discussed in the preceding paragraph. As part of the agreement, the Company paid $15,000 to IMA, assumed a certain computer equipment lease with remaining obligations totaling $44,811 and executed a one-year $5,000 promissory note to IMA. In addition, both IMA and the Company provided mutual liability releases to each other.

On March 5, 2003, the Company, in exchange for 14,000,000 common shares, acquired the common stock of IP Service Aps("IP") a Danish corporation which developed and sells a software package "Analizt". Analizt is a security early warning tool used by network administrators in order for them to implement security patches on software installations. The product is sold as installed software together with a subscription for information updates for the security database. The common shares issued at the date of acquisition were valued at 2 cents per share assigned entirely to software costs, an intangible asset, which has no fixed determinable life. This asset is evaluated at least annually and any decline in value is charged to operations during that year.

On April 23, 2005 Mobile Group Inc., a formerly fully owned subsidiary of Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc., acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding stock of Mobiligroup, ApS from all of its owners in exchange for 80% of its stock. The Company will account for the investment of 20% of Mobile Group Inc. by the equity method.

Waiver Agreement: On April 23, 2005 the shareholders that sold IP Service ApS to Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. ("IP Sellers") entered into a waiver agreement with Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. whereby: 1) The IP Sellers waived and relinquished all rights to collect the share conversion owed to the IP Sellers from the conversion of a preferred share pursuant to the stock acquisition agreement of March 3, 2003 (agreement governing the purchase of IP Service ApS, "IP Purchase Agreement"), 2) The IP Sellers release and indemnify Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. and Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. release and indemnify the IP Sellers for breach of contract, making false warranties and representations, and, liabilities associated with the remedies of set off pursuant to the IP Purchase Agreement, and, 3) For consideration of the above the IP Sellers will deliver to Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. the Preferred Share and One Million One hundred twenty thousand (1,120,000) shares of Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc.,

Sale of IP Service: On April 23, 2005 Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. sold 100.00% of the stock of IP Service ApS to Securas, Ltd. 7 Stewards Court, Carlisle Close, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7AU, United Kingdom ("SecurAs") for consideration as follows: 1) The purchase price will be Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand US Dollars payable as follows:a) Cash and or b) Royalties, which are comprised of 33.33% of all revenue derived from or associated with IP Service ApS or any of its products, which shall be payable quarterly on the 10th day following each quarter and SecurAs will deliver a certified audit of the revenues of IP Service ApS annually to Advanced Oxygen Technologies Inc. At any time Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. can conduct and independent audit of IP Service ApS. At closing, SecurAs did NOT pay any cash to Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. The revenues for IP Service for the period years ended June 30, 2005 and June 30, 2004 were $41,420 and $41,421 respectively. The losses for IP Service for the period years ended June 30, 2005 and June 30, 2004 were $204,058 and $27,408 respectively. No income has been recognized from the sale.

Purchase of Anton Nielsen Vojens ApS: On February 3, 2006 Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. ("AOXY") purchased 100.00% of the stock of Anton Nielsen Vojens ApS ("ANV"), a Danish company from Borkwood Development Ltd. (a current shareholder of AOXY) for Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand US Dollars. The transaction was financed as follows: 1) AOXY executed a promissory note ("Note") for $650,000, payable to the sellers of ANV ("Sellers") payable and amortized monthly and carrying a interest at 5% per year. AOXY has the right to prepay the note at any time with a notice of 14 days. To secure the payment of principal and interest the Sellers will receive a perfect lien and security interest in the Shares in the company ANV until the note with accrued interest is paid in full., and, 2) In the case that the Note has not been repaid within 12 months from the day of closing the Sellers have the right to convert the debt to common stock of Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. in an amount of non diluted shares calculated on the conversion Date, equal to the lesser of : a) Six hundred and Fifty thousand (650,000) or the Purchase Price minus the principal payments made by the buyer, which ever is greater, divided by the previous ten day closing price of AOXY as quoted on the national exchange, or b) Fifteen million shares, which ever is lesser.

Subdivision and Sale of ANV Real Estate: Pursuant to an acquisition agreement ("Acquisition Agreement"), on March 3, 2006 Anton Nielsen Vojens ApS ("ANV"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. ("AOXY") sub divided and sold a 3,300 M2 portion of its Vojens City property ('Property") for Two Million Three hundred Thousand Danish Krone (2.300.000 DKk) to Ejendomsselskabet Ostergade 67 ApS, a Danish company ("EO").


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